Anabolic frolic discography

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Samojlenko was born in Ottawa, Ontario , Canada in 1974 and was raised by his grandmother. He first started being interested in Happy Hardcore upon listening to a randomly chosen UK import mixed tape at the now defunct rave shop X-static in 1995. He taught himself to DJ on a pair of used turntables bought from a pawnshop for $ 100. It was the only way he could listen to the music he loved in Toronto (or anywhere in North America then), mainly because he didn't go to raves at the time. Frolic began importing and re-selling Happy Hardcore vinyl from the UK.

Anabolic frolic discography

anabolic frolic discography


anabolic frolic discographyanabolic frolic discographyanabolic frolic discographyanabolic frolic discographyanabolic frolic discography