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Patented items do not of themselves have to be reverse-engineered to be studied, since the essence of a patent is that the inventor provides detailed public disclosure themselves, and in return receives legal protection of the invention involved. However, an item produced under one or more patents could also include other technology that is not patented and not disclosed. Indeed, one common motivation of reverse engineering is to determine whether a competitor's product contains patent infringements or copyright infringements .

Shown above is the most common method of mounting a bushed pulley.  The FACE of the bushing (top most in this picture) is installed nearest to the end of the shaft so it is easy to use the jacking bolts and easily remove the pulley.  Simply remove these bolts and then install the jacking bolts. In the photo you can see that the bushing is NOT brought in tight against the pulley.  This is normal, and there is no reason to tighten the bolts past snug. There have been several people new to tapered bushings that have broken off the bolts trying to pull the bushing flush to the pulley! The two tapers work to secure the pulley onto the shaft as if it were welded on! Don’t get carried away, but do go around in a circle and tighten the bolts a little as you go round and round to allow the pulley and bush to seat evenly, which will allow the pulley to fully align on the shaft.

Listeroid chp

listeroid chp


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