Milos sarcev steroids

In conclusion, one can fairly say that the lean BMI or body weight of modern professional top bodybuilders is about 40% higher solely as the result of massive use of very potent hormonal drugs such as androgenic-anabolic steroids, human growth hormone, IGFs, and insulin. This is more or less consistent with the observation of nowadays natural bodybuilding contests, where the BMI-values of the champions are rather close to 25 than 30. It is therefore fair to say that today's top heavy weight bodybuilders have more than half of their lean muscle mass thanks to the drugs, rather than hard training and good nutrition. No, the steep increase of lean muscle mass among top bodybuilders since the 90's has nothing to do with better genes, better training, better nutrition or supplements. Unfortunately Ronnie Coleman does not come from another planet, as many of his fans would like to believe.

Forced reps are basically reps in which you force up the weight during the up-phase because it is too heavy to lift it in the normal way, often helped by a spotter, followed by slowly lowering the weight in a controlled fashion to the bottom, without the help of a spotter. Many spotters, however, let the forced up-phase take much too long. The up-phase of a forced rep should basically take the same amount of time as the up-phase of a quality rep. Forced reps can be very effective as lots of the growth stimulation actually comes from the down-phase (negative part) of the rep, which is very stressful for the muscle fibers.

Milos sarcev steroids

milos sarcev steroids


milos sarcev steroidsmilos sarcev steroidsmilos sarcev steroidsmilos sarcev steroidsmilos sarcev steroids