Quinbolone anabolicum vister

Users of quinbolone can expect to see the type of results typical of Equipoise, although quinbolone is significantly less powerful due to its low bioavailability. Quinbolone should produce slight gains in size without too many side effects, and can be utilized during either a bulking or a cutting phase, though its mild effects may go unnoticed as a part of a bulking cycle. Quinbolone has a short half life, and must be dosed often as a result. A dosage of at least 80-120 mg/day is a typical dosage that is required to see gains in size with Quinbolone.

Quinbolone was never produced in the US and has only been marketed in Italy under the trade name Anabolicum Vistar by Parke Davis. Quinbolone’s structure is very similar to methandrostenolone and boldenone. It is taken orally, but is not C-17 alpha alkylated; instead it contains a cyclopentenyl ether, making it more similar to equipoise than to dianabol. This eliminates the worry of liver toxicity; however, quinbolone is not very active orally because of the lack of C-17 alkylation. Quinbolone has a very short half-life and a probability of aromatization to estrogen and moderate affinity for the androgen receptor. This steroid can also be converted to potent 5-alpha reduced metabolites. There is some disagreement over whether the ether is removed through metabolism or not. If the ether is not removed, then the binding affinity for this steroid is likely to be reduced. Most of what can be said for boldenone applies to quinbolone except that quinbolone’s half-life is very short and the gut destroys much of it before getting into circulation. The anabolic to androgenic ratio shows this steroid to be fairly weak compared to methyltestosterone orally.

Quinbolone anabolicum vister

quinbolone anabolicum vister


quinbolone anabolicum visterquinbolone anabolicum visterquinbolone anabolicum visterquinbolone anabolicum visterquinbolone anabolicum vister