Steroid mania bipolar

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Electroconvulsive therapy can be effective for mania and psychotic depression. 27 Behavioral interventions (., cognitive behavior therapy, caregiver support, psychoeducation regarding the early warning signs of mood relapse) are considered first-line adjuncts to pharmacotherapy to improve social function and reduce the need for medications, number of hospitalizations, and relapse rates. 7 , 31 – 33 Early warning signs of a mood relapse include sleep disturbance, agitation, increased goal orientation, and a disruption in usual routine. The risk of suicide is lowered with increased satisfaction with care, lithium therapy, and treatment of alcohol and tobacco abuse. 7 , 9 , 34

What about steroid inhalers for asthma, or steroid nasal sprays for allergies? I have never seen a report in the psychiatric literature about these as a problem in bipolar disorder. However, just recently (6/00) I have begun to seriously wonder. At a recent conference on allergies I learned that these types of steroids are well known to enter the bloodstream. In children they can cause growth retardation, so we know for sure that they can have systemic effects. In my view that's probably enough to merit worrying about bipolar disorder too, and I'm going to start watching these medications closely in patients whose bipolar disorder does not stabilize with routine mood

Steroid mania bipolar

steroid mania bipolar


steroid mania bipolarsteroid mania bipolarsteroid mania bipolar