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Hi Jared, I have a question. My husband has been out of rehab for 107 days, he’s stayed clean and is taking the pill form of Naltrexone. He has a pre-employment hair test for a much better paying job tomorrow. I measured his hair (It hasn’t been cut since before rehab) and it’s just a little over the required ″. He had a problem with opiates (Loratab) and had taken an adderall a few weeks before rehab (No prescription) since it’s been 107 days do you think he has a decent chance of passing this since he’s been clean? And can the Naltrexone (he has a prescription) cause a false positive?

Hi Kim. I am planning to start a 5 day salt water flush starting tomorrow morning. I am familiar with flushing because I used to do the Master Cleanse and the was part of the routine. However, I used regular sea salt and it did the job. I’m not familiar with the salts you are referring to. Where can these be found besides online? Also, I’m scheduled to have a colonic 7 days from now, should I do the salt water flushes now, or wait until after the colonic? Will it be too much on my system to do both? I’m extremely constipated and bloating after everything I eat, so I feel the urgency to do something now. What are your suggestions?

I'll qualify ED as a guilty pleasure. It's not a well-written WN. Hell, it's actually pretty horrendous. It has terrible characters, obnoxious FILLAGE, MC is the same in CH1 and CH700 - LITERALLY NOTHING changes about him, everyone else except for him is basically pointless, and the only thing ED has got going for itself is basically the world and the backstory of the world. If it weren't for those two things, I honestly wouldn't give two sh*ts about this. Still, it's fun to read. When LI ACTUALLY FIGHTS, it's pretty amazing. To this day I remember his battle at burial grounds (before he cheated his way through OP items, of course), but it's just pointless now.

Tmw steroids

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