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In retrospect Ambre Sultan and LDDM was meant to initiate me into the world of niche fragrances.

I remember that I tested Ambre Sultan in a hot summer day and the experience was initially a shocking one, I felt that my arm will catch fire and I can do nothing to stop it. After that, the dried resins become addictive. Of course, I retested it when the weather became cold and only then I realized the likeness with Mitzah that speak many reviewers, as in cold weather Ambre Sultan become a spiced liqueur.

I think Ambre Sultan was intended to be worn throughout the year, showing its different facets depending on the weather.

Without a doubt, it is one of the best ambers that can be bought and it's sold as a woman perfume, but that makes me smile while I think about other perfumes sold as for men or unisex.

Ambre Sultan, like most Serge Lutens perfumes, is not the most versatile fragrance in the world, in office space should be worn with caution.

I would like to say something about it's price - one of the lowest in the world of niche perfumes, especially regarding at the quality of the ingredients - that shows us once again that enlarging continuously prices of niche perfumes due the cost of ingredients it is a false justification.

Fragrance 10/10
Projection Medium
Longevity 12 h

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